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From time to time we have sales to reduce our inventory. We start with offering those registered emails and then later offer the sale to the public.
Register your email on the site above to have first crack at what is in stock for your little ones or family/friends gifts.

We also offer cloth face masks with or without Rattie Fabric. Or you can get one with rattie fabric
on the inside so only you know it is there. ;-)

There are sizes for all family members. They come
with elastic but you can easily insert ties instead.

Some of the adult masks can have filters which can be purchased to fit comfortably inside for extra protection.

Don't forget to check out the area of non-rattie items too. Sales apply to these too. :-)


The price of the facemasks with the BFRR design will be donated to our local rescue -
Best Friend Rodent Rescue

Here you can view what we currently have on hand which can be shipped right away. There are items
for your ratties as well as items for you. :-)

If you are from Canada, we are unsure if WIX will work for you. And if you do not wish to use
the WIX site, then send us an email with the item number/s and we can handle the purchase
through PayPal. Please put "Rattie Order" in the subject line for easier identification of your order.
Send the email to mdkarr@rattieworldocomfort.com


You may see us use stuffed ratties in our product images. They are so realistic, aren't they?
We do not make them but a great small business does -

Citrine Mouse.

You can find them at https://www.citrinemouse.net
Citrine Mouse

Comfy Cozy Rattie Tube C200 Triple Honeycomb Hammock HC300 Critter Nation Style Hammock but Travel Size HCNTravel Critter Nation Style Hammock but Travel Size HCNTravel






Introducing some fabulous customers in some of our products -

Luna in her hammock

Here is Sharon's Luna who just recently received a new Heavy Duty Hide 'n Peek Hammock (H200). Her sister is also in the photo and they often share the hammock.


Judy loved to sleep in the hammocks while using the peek hole to keep an eye on everyone.


"Thank you sooo much for the Rattie Tube. Tickles and I love it soooo much! I hear that you would like to add me to your list of satisfied customers and I would love to be on your website... I love my Comfy Tube so much I would love to tell all the other furries out there just how great it is. You are the best!! We love your website, your comfy stuff, and the way you love your pets! Thanks Again"~ Buttons (Large Comfy Cozy Rattie Tubes C200)


Jonah, Freckles, Willard, Thunder, Lightning and Pokey

From Donna - "I gave the hammock to the boys. I thought for sure that they'd chew on the straps, but they didn't. They respect the hammock enough to not do that. To say that the boys love their hammock is an understatement. I'm enclosing a pic of the boys in their hammock. Hope you like it. Thanks again for the hammock. I'll definately be buying from you again in the near future." (H200)



make custom gifts at Zazzle

Our store's web address is https://www.zazzle.com/store/rattieworld

Other than purchasing items for your own little furry friends, if you have a pet store or online store and would be willing to sell our items, we would love to talk with you. Or possibly know a contact at a store, please feel free to pass it on.












I understand times are hard and everyone is trying to make money somehow - but please keep in mind that the Hide 'n Peek Hammocks and Comfy Cozy Rattie Tubes and my original embroidery designs are patented and cannot be copied. This is how I earn money for my family. And my photos are all copyrighted and cannot be used without my permission. I hope you all understand. Mary