Ratapalooza 2012


1. Buttons, the Wizard of Best Friends Rodent Rescue (BFRR). He was entered in the Costume Contest but won out to the Beautiful Princess.


2. Joanne from Best Friends Rodent Rescue with Buttons the Wizard on her shoulder


3. Ann was holding this little guy who didn't like his costume.


4. Rodeo Rat PNZY George. So cute. A quick shot as the saddle and rider kept being bucked off. He was held by Jackie B.


5. Dove of Topi Rats, the Princess Rattie, was the winner of the Costume Contest being held by Tirzah.


6. Gerry Rennie with his "Little" Klickitat from the Everett Rescue who won most laid back. The rat that is. Check out his new book on Amazon called "The Rat Worshipper in the nick of time".


7. Brandon with a Most Laid back contestant tBBR SITH Jameson. Love the back feet in the air.


8. Jackie's Phin was also a Most Laid Back contestant.


9. Candace with Jackie K's boy SITH Hania in the most laid back contest.


10. Ok, Lizzy. We don't think this guy counts in the Most Laid Back contest. Nice try though. She said this little one's name is "SITH Tea Trivet".


11. Gerrie Rennie's Klickitat won the most laid back. Check out the ribbon that is bigger than she is. Amazing!


12. The Seattle Times reporter was taking pictures of the rats and their owners during the pet class competitions. The rat who the photographer is taking the photo of - or trying to - is Jorden's rat Phin and was in the Seattle Times article in the Sunday paper after the show. The other girl is Tirzah holding a TOPI rat who is looking the other way.


13. Phin's keeping an eye on things in from a safe place on Jorden's shoulder.


14. Lynn with Lila who has been a previous squishiest rat winner.


15. Candace showing how squishy SITH Dawkins is in the Squishiest contest.


16. Susan gets help remembering things from Epo of BFRR or he was hungry and wanted her glasses.


17. Susan, "I don't have any more spare glasses so please don't eat these, ok EPO? I'll get you more later."


18. Candace is sporting a very cute and comfortable Pingi Hat. SITH Dawkins won the Squishiest. He certainly earned that title - don't you think?


19. Jan with a senior citizen that survived a stroke. She takes great care of Blue Jay and he looks good for it. (CWR Blue Jay JATS)


20. Why is it when you know your little guy can do a great trick that they decide they aren't going to do it in front of a crowd? Just like children, huh? But then, these ratties are our children, right? Jackie K's SITH Kohana wasn't any different while he decided he would much rather sniff the table for girls than go for that yummy food being dangled in front of his face. Guess girls are just more important than food - on those rare occasions of course.


21. So here is Jackie K's SITH Kohana's prize for at least trying.


22. Double Velvetine - what a sweetie.


23. A cute Double Rex Roan who goes by the name of SITH Shrimp owned by Ann of PNZY.


24. Hairless rat wants to comment on something Lynn said. Or is just inspecting her nose hairs?


25. This Double Velvetine looks like he is a wonderful licky boy.


26. Most alike ratties. How cute. One is Frodo.


27. Ari with Topi Pearlscale.


28. Brandon's Nina with her stuffed trophy she won for cutest kitten.


29. Amy holds boy number one - Jackie K's Wicasa.


30. Amy holds boy number two - Jackie K's Hania.


31. And Ladies and Gentlemen here are the boys together... Wonder what they are thinking? - Hania and Wacasa - Jackie says "Is this what we have to put up with for shelter, food, water and love? Can't a rat live in peace?"


32. Prettiest girl TOPI rattie? Rebecca B. from Critter Cave is the human counterpart.


33. Brandon of tBBR with TOPI Vera as a contestant for Prettiest/Handsomest.


34. Jackie K's Nayati telling it like it is.


35. Jackie K's Nayati guarding his Mommy. He dares anyone to hurt her...


PET CLASSES signed up -

P8 SITH Hania Jackie Klakken Prettiest/Handsomest SITH

P6 SITH Wicasa Jackie Klakken Prettiest/Handsomest SITH

P40 Mia A Josifek Prettiest/Handsomest  

P27 SITH Dexter Jackie Basque Prettiest/Handsomest SITH

P23 PNZY George Jackie Basque Prettiest/Handsomest PNZY

P21 PNZY Phin Jackie Basque Prettiest/Handsomest PNZY

P25 CAVE Sam David Wood Prettiest/Handsomest

CAVE Picasa Jackie Prettiest/Handsomest


P10 TOPI Dove Satin Topi Rats Best Costume Topi Rats

P9 TOPI Waddiwasi Topi Rats Best Costume Topi Rats

P27 Dexter Jackie Basque Best Costume SITH

P23 PNZY George Jackie Basque Best Costume PNZY

P21 PNZY Phin Jackie Basque Best Costume PNZY

P31 Button BFRR Best Costume Best Friends

P34 Epo BFRR Best Costume Best Friends


P27 SITH Dexter Jackie Basque Cutest Kitten SITH


P21 PNZY Phin Jackie Basque Kissyest PNZY

P7 Nayati Jackie Klakken Kissyest Rescue


P1 Hayden Gerald Rennie Rat Racer

 P10 TOPI Dove Satin Topi Rats Rat Racer Topi Rats

P27 Dexter Jackie Basque Rat Racer SITH

P23 George Jackie Basque Rat Racer PNZY


P22 Frodo David Wood Squishiest CAVE

P26 Lila ROUS Squishiest

 P21 Phin Jackie Basque Squishiest PNZY


P2 Klickitat Gerald Rennie Most Laid Back  

P21 Phin Jackie Basque Most Laid Back PNZY

P25 Sam David Wood Most Laid Back CAVE


P35 Remy BFRR Rescue Story Best Friends

P38 Sparkle BFRR Rescue Story Best Friends

P36 Templetonthe 4th BFRR Rescue Story Best Friends


P3 CWR Blue Jay JATS Disabled Pet CWR


P29 Regulus ROUS Most Unusual  


P5 Kohana Jackie Klakken Best Trick Lizzy



Best Trick - SITH Kohana owned by Jackie Klakken

Prettiest Kitten - RMIS Nina owned by tBBR

Prettiest/Handsomest Adult -

Best Costume - Dove owned by Topi Rats

Kissiest - PNZY Phin owned by Jackie and Jorden Basque and Amara McCarthy's daughter's rat tied with Phin :)

Most Laid Back - Klickitat owned by Gerald Rennie

Squishiest - SITH Dawkins owned by Candice Bradley

Rat Racer - PNZY George owned by Jackie and Jorden Basque

Best Rescue Story -

Disabled Pet - Blue Jay owned by CWR, Jan

Longest Tail - SITH Darwin owned by Candice Bradley

Most Unusual -


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